hello again!

my name is ian and i've been getting into creative writing, but I'm still pretty new to it so there isn't any of it here yet.

i have released music under the names "star path", "desktop 5", and "rototundren".  the first is my most recent.

following this sentence are links to my music and production work as well as some books and games and movies i've enjoyed which im recommending to you because you might enjoy them too

things i made:

   Solo Music:

   Recording Bands:
     The Half Bodies on Bandcamp (early 2013)   

things i didn't make:

   some authors i like (fantasy and sci-fi):
     Gene Wolfe
       - The Book of the New Sun
       - Soldier of the Mist
       - Sorcerer's House
       - Strange Travelers (short stories)
       - The Devil in a Forest
     Anne Leckie
       - Ancillary Justice
       - Ancillary Sword
     Patrick Rothfuss
       - The Kingiller Chronicles (the first 2 so far anyway)

     Cave Story -- classic game
     candies -- ascii art collection game with rpg elements
     candies 2 -- sequel to candies, more adventuring, items, and better map
     Kingdom Rush -- pretty great tower defense

ian d0t ninjabadger at gmail d0t com