hello again!

this is where i store neat stuff (or links to neat stuff) that i enjoy and some of my own creations.  
i didn't make anything here unless it's under the section titled "mine".  enjoy! (or not, that's ur prerogative)

not my creations:
   some authors i like (fantasy w/ some sci-fi):
     Felix Gilman
       - Half Made World
       - The Rise of Ransom City
     Gene Wolfe
       - Sorcerer's House
       - Book of the New Sun
       - The Devil in a Forest
     Patrick Rothfuss
       - The Kingiller Chronicles (the first 2 so far anyway)



     Cave Story


my creations:
   Band Music:
     Real Ghosts
       The Real Ghosts are Holly, Vittorio, and Myself.

   Solo Music:

   Recording Other Bands:
     Real Ghosts on Bandcamp (late 2013)
      Yes this is my band, I recorded and produced our first release.

     The Half Bodies on Bandcamp (early 2013)   


ian d0t ninjabadger at gmail d0t com